My Dog Gets Car Sick | How to Travel With Your Dog | 5 Top Tips

My Dog Gets Car Sick | How to Travel With Your Dog | 5 Top Tips

My Dog Gets Car Sick: How to Travel With Your Dog

Planning a trip with your dog? There is nothing quite like hitting the road and exploring the world with your canine friend in tow. But, if your dog gets car sick, or your pooch tends to get a little restless and anxious while in the backseat, this journey can feel like a daunting task.

5 Top Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Wondering how to travel with your dog? If your pooch doesn’t like traveling in the car, you may have noticed them giving off a few telltale signs such as:

Making high pitched crying noises while in the car

Scratching at the doors or windows while you’re driving

Strongly resisting to jump in the car or on the backseat

Sitting upright and stiff rather than settling down 

Getting car sick while in the car or shortly after being in your vehicle

Although your dog may be experiencing some initial fears about being in your car, there are ways to help make your furry-friend feel more comfortable while traveling. From the importance of car seat covers for dogs, to creating a calm atmosphere while driving, here are 5 top tips for traveling with your dog. 

1: Keep Calm While On The Road

Dogs pay close attention to body language and they can pick up stress, aggression and frustration signals very easily. If you often find yourself suffering from road rage while driving, you’ll need to rein this in when you travel with your dog. If you are relaxed and comfortable while driving, your pet will feel at ease and begin to relax too. This is particularly important if your dog gets car sick. Consider putting on some soothing music to create a calm atmosphere.

2: Start With Small Journeys

Building up your dog's confidence being in the car is key to traveling long distances with your pet. Start with small journeys and let your dog get used to the movement of your car, the noise of passing traffic and the whole concept of traveling by road. After a couple of small journeys, you can start taking trips further afield. Make sure to always praise your dog after a journey in the car and remember never to scold them if they get car sick. It’s not their fault!

3: Getting a Car Seat Cover for Dogs

Invest in a car seat cover for dogs. Concerned about little accidents while traveling with your pet? Don’t worry, by using a car seat cover for dogs, you can protect your vehicle should your dog get car sick along the way. A car seat cover is also a fantastic idea if your pet is anxious while in your car as it gives them their own space and will safeguard your car seats should they begin to drool or have an accident in the backseat. As an added bonus, if your pet is particularly furry, a car seat cover for dogs will also keep those long hairs in one place, making it easy to clean when you’ve arrived at your destination.
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4: Don’t Feed Your Dog Shortly Before Traveling

Giving your dog a meal or some treats before setting off on a long journey is a big mistake. If your dog gets car sick, allowing them to eat before jumping in the car can often result in a messy trip. Instead, make sure your dog doesn't eat for around 6 to 12 hours before you start driving. If they do start to feel queasy, there hopefully won't be too much to come up. 

5: Keep the Windows Open if Your Dog Gets Car Sick

Like humans, when travel sickness sets in, fresh cool air can help dogs to feel much better. Keeping the windows open will allow cool air to circulate and help your pet feel more comfortable while traveling by car. If it’s too cold, keep the windows open slightly. This not only helps if your dog gets car sick, but it also keeps that dog smell at bay.