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Recommended Car Seat Cover for Dogs, Benefits of Going Out With Your Furry Friend, And More

February 02, 2020 3 min read

The Real Benefit of a Car Seat Cover for Dogs

It’s hard to find a car seat cover for dogs that fits your car well, but most importantly, keeps your dog happy, comfortable, and safe. We, at Barkroad, love taking our best friend, Blue, out on trips to the mountains, forests, family barbeques, (you name it - he’s there) and guess what? Blue loves it even more! Check this out:

Waterproof Dog Seat Cover, Dog Car Seat Cover, Car Seat Cover for Dogs

Adorable, right? If you’re reading this then you probably also find joy in spending time out in nature with your one and only best friend - your dog. (Or dogs, the more - the better!) Us? We got just the one, but he’s definitely crazy enough to cover for five! We’re talking chewing on sticks, rolling in leaves, swimming in the river, rolling in mud (and other... stuff), running around, barking at cows. If you can think of it, he’s probably done it. Take a look:

Waterproof Dog Seat Cover, Dog Car Seat Cover, Car Seat Cover for Dogs

Hey. True dog lovers know: it’s messy, but it’s worth it. The happiness and smiles they bring make up for all the muddy paws. But what about your back seat on the way home? We struggled with this one for a while, Blue is always, and I mean ALWAYS, wet and muddy on his stomach and legs when he gets up in the car after a trip out. This became a problem for us for quite a while. We used to use a towel in an attempt to cover the back seat, but every time without fail, dirt, fur, and leaves would find their way into the footwell and around the backseat - plus the dirty water would soak straight through so every trip took a couple of hours to clean up.

But we weren’t going to give up on going out with Blue. No, never! That’s way too fun and relaxing to do on a weekend after a stressful time at work. So we came up with the best solution: an awesome car seat cover for dogs! It’s super practical because it adjusts and fits into most vehicles, oh, and it’s waterproof! We use it every single time, and now all of Blue’s fluffy tumbleweeds and mucky paws are contained because the waterproof dog seat cover can be installed as a hammock - so it covers the back seat, backs of front seats, doors, footwell, everything! And we have to say, he looks amazing on it too! Take a look at this, he’s a bit bigger here:

Waterproof Dog Seat Cover, Dog Car Seat Cover, Car Seat Cover for Dogs

It’s saved our car a lot of cash spent at the cleaners (and elbow-grease from us) and protected it from fur, mud, and odors. Every weekend out with our pup is now a blissful, stress-free experience, where we can relax and enjoy nature together without thinking about how dirty the car is going to be on the way back home. And that’s how every dog owner should feel.

No one should have any worries when they go out with their best friend; it’s your time to enjoy and their time to be happy and healthy - to run around and splash in the river, like this:

Waterproof Dog Seat Cover, Dog Car Seat Cover, Car Seat Cover for Dogs

We’ve heard so many good words about our car seat cover for dogs and we couldn’t be happier about it! Small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, puppies and adults, boys or girls; 1, 2, or 3. Whatever it is, Barkroad’s got you! With an awesome design that creates awesome doggy smiles - take a look at just a few of our happy pack members:

Waterproof Dog Seat Cover, Dog Car Seat Cover, Car Seat Cover for Dogs

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to treat your beloved dog to a fun ride?

See more about our practical car seat cover for dogs here - Check it out!

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